Tommy Nijem (A Valdosta Native) has spent his entire career in the Information Technology field. Tommy has served some of the largest, most sophisticated companies in the world. Now he is bringing his skills and experience home to Valdosta and the nearby region. A desire to be close to his family and to raise his children in Valdosta was the motivation that brought him home.

Over the last 14 years Tommy has worked with and mastered a wide variety of technologies and skills from networking to telephone systems to databases and most everything in between. This means that NIJEMtech is fully prepared to handle most any technology problem. Another benefit of Tommy's experience is that he has a wide network of contacts and resources that he can call upon to help solve any technology problem.

Tommy's philosophy and therefore NIJEMtech's is to find the right solution to the problem. This means that NIJEMtech will take the time to understand your business and propose a solution based on more than just a technological "best fit". NIJEMtech wants to be more than just a technology problem solver to our clients. We want to be your Trusted Advisor. Just as if you had a full-time IT person on staff. We believe that the best solutions are based on a combination of technology knowledge and business knowledge. Because of this belief, NIJEMtech does not resell any specific vendor's technology. Otherwise it would be like asking a car dealer to help you find the best mini-van. How often do you think that dealer would suggest a manufacturer's van that they don't sell?


Previous Clients and Employers

Lockheed Martin
United States Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)
US Navy
Texas Instruments
Cingular Wireless
Verizon Wireless
Hewlett Packard
First Union National Bank
Suntrust Bank
Home Depot
Cincinnati Bell
Telephonica (Spanish National telephone company)
IZB (Large German Bank)

Technology Experience

Local Area Networks (Home/Office Computer networks)
Wide Area Networks (connecting remote locations together)
Virtual Private Networks (Secure connection to your home or office from a remote location)
Cisco networking equipment
Juniper Networks equipment
Extreme networking equipment

IT Systems/Applications
Microsoft Exchange Email
Microsoft Sharepoint
Microsoft Access Databases
Microsoft Office (Excel/Word/Powerpoint)
Microsoft IIS web server
Apache Web Server

Voice over IP (VoIP)
Avaya telephone systems
Digium/Asterisk phone systems
Cisco phone systems

Database Design, Development, and Tuning
Microsoft SQL Server

Operating Systems
Linux(Gentoo, Centos, RedHat, Ubuntu)
Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, Server 2003, Server 200)
Apple OS X (Tiger and Leopard)